The most effective, most scalable and fastest Screening and Background Check platform in Mexico and Latin America.

Automate processes and obtain key information to make better decisions.

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Reduce risks and automate processes, we have the solution.


Verify the identity, background and behaviors: Clients, Collaborators, Suppliers, etc.
Avoid risks in your organization.

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Know Your

Order regulatory compliance.
In addition, by integrating Background Check you confirm that your relationships are safe and reliable.

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Vendor Risk

Reinforce business security, verifying the identity of the chain of operations and business partners for individuals and companies.

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BlackTrust Technology

Our technology has a unique information processing method, developed and patented by BlackTrust.

This Data Lake is the core behind our products, with which authentication, verification and other data management capabilities are enhanced.

Our Platforms

Our Platforms

Increase security for operating like clockwork.user preference.reducing losses.societal legitimization.letting things flow.regulation compliance.your reputation.risk prevention.

More than 3,000 daily evaluations: speed and assertiveness in the evaluation process.

  • 100% public and legal information.
  • More than 4 million Background Checks performed.
  • Unlimited platform, no matter the number of evaluations.
  • We integrate the processes and customize the parameters one client at a time.

The best recommendation we get is from our clients

Commitment is our outstanding added value.

Marely Plata

The real added benefit of Blacktrust lies in decision making, it has allowed us to filter potential candidates, not only by skills but by the values ​​that our company shares.


I am fascinated with BlackTrust and the way they analyze the information, how they deliver the global results, the candidate experience is incredible.

Guillermo Cervantes

The design of the platform adds up to risk reduction with a simple formula to understand for those involved in a hiring process. Incredible customer service.

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