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BlackTrust® Technology

We process the information with exclusive technology, developed and patented by BlackTrust®.

Quick and Easy

BlackTrust® supports our Employment & Screening, Security, Risk & Compliance services, the most secure and reliable tools.

Fully Scalable

The Data Lake is the core behind BlackTrust® products that empower authentication, verification and data management.

Reduces time, costs and standardizes processes, minimizing risks.

More than 3,000 evaluations per day: acceleration and assertiveness in evaluation processes.

The best recommendation is that of our customers

More than 100 clients already trust us to verify information, prevent fraud and comply with KYC processes*.

The real benefit of BlackTrust® lies in decision making, it has allowed us to filter potential candidates, not only by competencies but also by the values required by the company.


I am fascinated with the BlackTrust® platform, with the way they analyze the information and how they deliver the overall results, the candidate experience is amazing.


The design of the platform results in a reduction of risks with a simple to understand formula for those involved in a procurement process. Incredible customer service.


BlackTrust® also adapts to your company's growth

Evaluate candidates, clients or suppliers with reliable information based on evidence and open the door to the growth of your business.

Security and privacy for your customers

We use the most advanced encryption technology in the industry to ensure the security of your users’ data.

Tailor your authentication process

Determine how you want to engage your users with our customized processes.

We comply with legal regulations

BlackTrust® has passed the strictest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses in Mexico and Latin America.

Availability anywhere in the world

Our products can be used worldwide and without any problem.

Create 100% customized verification flows

Our team is ready to help you integrate optimized solutions to your processes.

We have the only technology in Mexico that will help you strengthen, automate and streamline your compliance processes.

Now we want to know about you

Tell us more about the specific challenges you face on a daily basis. We will help you build a solution to your recruitment processes.

Contact us!

BlackTrust® Integrity

If you are aware of any conduct or irregularity in the process, please report it anonymously.