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Since 2014
we help to integrate and verify information to make it easier to trust companies and people.

Our goal at BlackTrust®

It is to create a more trustworthy world , making it easier to integrate and verify personal, work, legal and social information.

Our history

  • 2014BlackTrust® is born

    The fastest, largest and most scalable background check platform in Mexico and Latam.

  • 2017Uber starts operations in Mexico and Latam.

    Trust is the key partner for the region's exponential growth and begins to create data governance.

  • 2018A new era begins

    We integrate Artificial Intelligence to
    analyze information and start new processes for automated BGC.

  • 2019New Multi-client Platform.

    We launched a new Multi-Client Platform, with a team 100% dedicated to customer service.

  • 2020Redefining BlackTrust®

    We began the redefinition of what BlackTrust® is and our major customers are moving onto our platform.

  • 2021Increases the operation

    The BlackTrust® operation increases by 40% and projections and objectives for the next 3 years are modeled.

  • 2023Continuous innovation

    We completely revamped, giving way to BlackTrust® App, with an organic integration between all our data sources.

Trust is the way

The fastest growing industries already rely on us . Whether it’s fully online candidate onboarding for Gig Economy applications or threat prevention and compliance with government regulations for FinTechs, BlackTrust® offers a highly reliable solution.

Our services havepresence outside Mexico in countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.

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