BlackTrust® Integrity Program

“Doing the right thing matters. Protecting our values and our reputation requires constant vigilance.”

At BlackTrust® we are committed to preventing and detecting risks associated with corruption and bribery.

The core values of BlackTrust® – respect, integrity, passion and responsibility – are the foundation of our daily actions. Senior management and the Board of Directors have the overall responsibility to support and ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct throughout the organization, as well as to report on compliance with the Code of Conduct. We strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct, internal policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

Report Problems and Irregularities

In the event of possible breaches of the BlackTrust® Code of Conduct or actions that are not aligned with internal or legal regulations or with our behavior or corporate values, we make this communication channel available.

Anonymous reporting is an effective and secure way to report and report conduct or irregularities that are occurring in the services provided by BlackTrust® and in relations with its customers, suppliers and collaborators (for example, fraud, theft, misuse of the information, harassment, insults, defamation, etc.)

You should bear in mind that BlackTrust® seeks fair and transparent treatment for both the victims and the staff making the complaint, therefore it guarantees:

  • Protect the identity of the whistleblower
  • Maintain confidentiality in the process
  • Conduct a thorough, transparent and impartial investigation
  • Avoid future reprisals

If you have questions, concerns or want to report something, please fill out the form below, your report is completely anonymous.

The BlackTrust@ whistleblower channel does not act as a communication channel for services or processes, nor is it the appropriate tool for complaints from customers, suppliers and/or collaborators. It also does not have Customer Service functionality; for customer complaints, please contact

BlackTrust® Integrity

If you are aware of any conduct or irregularity in the process, please report it anonymously.