Candidate Evaluation

The best solution to get to know and evaluate your candidates, providing security, mitigating risks automatically and with the best technology.

No matter the size of your business, our evaluation platform can help you reduce risks before hiring and enhance HR security processes

How does it work?

The journey of the process is as follows:

Blacktrust Processes

Evaluate your candidates in the fastest and most standardized way using a mix traditional and Background Check processes.

Background Check

Integrates all Background Check services for a better background evaluation: Legal Background Check, International Background Check, Employer Background Check and Background Check News.

ID Check

Make the selection of collaborators through a comprehensive service, based on, based on reliable and complete data.

Telephone References

Within 72 business hours, the results of work and personal references are delivered within the platform.


You have the professional support to select your candidates correctly with up to 6 different psychometric tests which go according to the needs of your process and business.

Documents Check

We give your business security and support before hiring by verifying the authenticity of the candidates' documents. Avoiding fraud.

Drug Test

We integrate an application into the platform where the results of the available drug tests are displayed.

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