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At BlackTrust® we combine the most advanced technology with a decade of experience in Mexico and Latin America solving screening and background check needs, for example:​


Pre-Employment Check

We help companies ensure their candidates are reliable and qualified.

Risk Assessment

We evaluate suppliers and partners to protect companies from risky partnerships.


Learn more about our detailed verifications for sectors regulated by law.
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We reduce errors. Fast and accurate

We have a unique ability to identify users with homonymy errors, providing accurate information.

Our response times guarantee you receive the information when you need it.

We take care of the technology, you take care of the growth in your company

We developed a patented technology that enables the use and management of the data available on our platform.

100% in the cloud, flexible and customizable.

Desarrollador de tecnología para background checks sosteniendo una computadora

BlackTrust® platform adapts to the growth of your company

Evaluate collaborators, clients, or suppliers with reliable evidence-based information and open the door to the growth of your business.

Security and privacy for your clients

We use the most advanced encryption technology in the industry to ensure the security of your users’ data.

Adapt your authentication process

Decide the onboarding flow for your users with our custom processes.

We comply with legal regulations

BlackTrust® has exceeded the most stringent industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses in Mexico and Latin America.

Availability anywhere in the world

Our products can be used all over the world 24/7.

Create 100% personalized and flexible verification flows

Our team is ready to help you integrate optimized solutions into your processes.

We have the best technology in Mexico that will help you strengthen, automate and streamline your pre-employment, risk assessment and compliance processes.

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BlackTrust® Integrity

If you are aware of any conduct or irregularity in the process, please report it anonymously.