Keep a safe environment for everyone.

Ensure the safety of your customers and associates quickly, easily and reliably.

Background checks are a must for any industry. Bad hires and/or partnerships pose risks to individuals and businesses. At BlackTrust we offer tools to reduce these risks.

Associations and clubs of any kind have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their employees, clients and guests. That's why background screening should be an integral part of the membership and recruiting process, to the peace of mind of all involved.

Fully scalable.

Our background check platform is fully scalable, whether for more or fewer evaluations.

BlackTrust can help retail businesses, from local stores to large eCommerces, to scale their hiring processes for the full range of roles they seek: salespeople, administrators, warehouse managers, and even those who operate the last mile.

Your team will only have to worry about choosing the best candidates and placing them where they are most needed.

Background Check

Integrate Background Check into your evaluation process for associates and members. Reduce risk, and promote safety in your operation.

  • 100% public and legal information.
  • Unlimited platform, no matter the number of evaluations.
  • We integrate the processes and customize the parameters one client at a time.

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