Guarantee financial compliance in your company.

Prevent threats, evaluate candidate profiles and comply with government regulations.

Banking and anti-money laundering regulations govern many of the business activities that a legally incorporated company may be subject to. Verifying the identity of clients to comply with these requirements and regulations is a practice that helps to avoid commercial relationships with people and companies related to terrorism, corruption and money laundering, among others.

After analyzing and preventing illegal business activities, teams need to be more efficient and improve the quality of their services. With BlackTrust solutions, you can prevent threats, evaluate candidate profiles, and help in compliance with government regulations.

KYC. Know Your Client

Know Your Client is a process to identify and validate the identity of clients to give them access to the services or products offered by companies. This verification is carried out in legal and public databases available on our platform.

Background Check

Integrate Background Check into your evaluation process, improve confidence and your decisions. Reduce the risk, improve your turnover rates and increase security in your operational chain.

  • 100% public and legal information.
  • Unlimited platform, no matter the number of evaluations.
  • We integrate the processes and customize the parameters one client at a time.

Success Story: Clip

For Clip the safety of their customers is the most important thing, for this reason, the talent selection process becomes a key point for its operation.

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