Evaluate your logistics staff to meet the high demand.

Evaluate quickly, easily and reliably to streamline the operation of your business.

As a result of the creation of the T-MEC, the logistics industry has been a strategic pillar for the economic development of Mexico . In 2021 Mexico was placed as the seventh country in the Logistics Index in Emerging Markets, the classification annually measures the conditions for the actors involved in the supply chain in 50 countries.

This means that the country presents a great opportunity to recruit, evaluate and recruit talent quickly and efficiently. Checking criminal records, work experience, and driver's license status no longer has to be a cumbersome job and an obstacle to growing your business. With BlackTrust solutions for logistics and supply chain , a quick, easy and reliable assessment can be done to streamline the operation and meet the demand.

Background Check

Integrate Background Check into your evaluation process, improve confidence and your decisions. Reduce the risk, improve your turnover rates and increase security in your operational chain.

  • 100% public and legal information.
  • Unlimited platform, no matter the number of evaluations.
  • We integrate the processes and customize the parameters one client at a time.

The best experience for candidates and evaluators.

Hiring talent for the logistics industry requires that the experience be agile for everyone involved. At BlackTrust we take advantage of technology so that candidates can share their information quickly and evaluators have access to the results of background tests in record time. Also, we offer a support team dedicated to providing the best experience.

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