A suitable solution regardless of the recruitment volume.

Screen candidates on time and on budget with our background check tools for recruiting companies.

At BlackTrust we understand that recruitment agencies are successful because of their ability to find and place the right candidates on time and within budget. Slow background checks and cumbersome flows are left behind, with our advanced technology you can achieve your results in a simple, reliable and agile way.

To maintain your reputation as a valued recruiting partner, you need the best background check and information validation provider. Our platform will allow you to speed up and simplify the recruitment process for multiple clients so that you can select candidates faster.

Fully scalable.


Our background check platform is fully scalable, whether for more or fewer evaluations.

We understand that recruiting agencies can experience seasonality, peaks and troughs in recruiting volume. Now more than ever, teams need to respond quickly to customer requests and changes, and our fully scalable platform helps them meet demand.

Your team will only have to worry about choosing the best candidates and placing them where they are most needed.

Background Check

Integrate Background Check into your evaluation process, improve confidence and your decisions. Reduce the risk, improve your turnover rates and increase security in your operational chain.

  • 100% public and legal information.
  • Unlimited platform, no matter the number of evaluations.
  • We integrate the processes and customize the parameters one client at a time.

The best experience for candidates and evaluators.

At BlackTrust we take advantage of technology so that candidates can share their information quickly and evaluators have access to the results of background tests in record time. Also, we offer a support team dedicated to providing the best experience.

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