Know Your Client: protect your company from risks and fraud

Every time you start a new project in your company, it is essential to know the identity of your customers, suppliers and partners to protect yourself against any risk.

Nowadays, businesses carry out the majority of transactions through the internet and they are more exposed to being victims of illegal activities such as the use of money of illicit origin, money laundering or corruption.

With KYC you will be informed to avoid associating yourself with risk profiles.

Strengthen your processes

Automate and standardize

Standardize and Automate

Strengthen process safety

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Why do you need KYC BlackTrust tools?

At BlackTrust we have the only technology in Mexico that will help you to strengthen, automate and streamline your compliance processes, mitigating any risk.

Take the next step, get to Know Your Client and take your business security to the next level!

What is 'Know Your Client' for?

  • Prevention of Money Laundering.
  • Avoid financing terrorism.
  • Prevent fraud.
  • Prevent your business from being used to commit crimes.
  • Correctly assign a risk level to your clients.
  • Comply with legal regulations and avoid sanctions from the authority.

What does KYC includes?

According to Mexican law, Know Your Client must consist of, at least:

  • ID Check.
  • Validation of ID documents.
  • Nationality verification.
  • Review of Blocked Persons Lists (69B SAT, UN, FATF).
  • Identification and verification of Politically Exposed Persons.
  • Comply with legal regulations and avoid sanctions from the authority.

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