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Learn more about our commission and reseller commission and reseller schemes. You can help locate the right people to fill your clients’ vacancies.


For recruiters and outsourcing companies.

We know that recruitment processes to find the right profiles are becoming increasingly complex and not always yielding the best results. At BlackTrust®, we have developed a 100% Digital Background Checks platform that performs information validation and background verification of your candidates in seconds, helping you locate the right people to fill your clients’ vacancies while protecting your reputation and that of your company.

To grow together, we have developed a special scheme for recruitment, outsourcing, and socioeconomic studies companies, where you can purchase a package of background checks at a preferential price to complement your services.


For independent professionals.

If you are a professional with high-level contacts, this program is for you. In our commission program, you will use your networking skills to attract new clients. When these clients start generating revenue, you will receive a percentage of commission based on the initial commercial agreement acquired by the client.

But that’s not all: your clients will receive a special price, and we will take care of managing their account, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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BlackTrust® Integrity

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