BlackTrust and Uber: Frequently Asked Questions.

We offer you a guide to answer FAQ about the evaluation process for Uber.

Frequently asked questions about the platform:

What to do if:
- I can't access the platform.
- I forgot my password.
- My account is duplicated.
- I can't rememeber my user.

Contac us at

Documentation frequently asked questions:

- Missing documentation (INE, Tax Stamps, Insurance, etc).
- Rejected documents.
- The status of my documentation is 'in verification'.
- Information about certification.

Everything related to clarification of documents, data changes, registrations, cancellations or problems with your application, must be dealt directly with Uber.
At BlackTrust we do not handle this information.
Please contact UBER directly at: o

Frequently asked questions about the results of the certification.

- Change of partner / driver.
- Refusal of certification.
- Request 2nd opportunity.
- Reasons for non-approval.
- Possible Homonymy.

At the beginning of your certification you accepted the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy notice. The latter mentions that we are not in a position to provide details of your result.
This is not an arbitrary decision, but attached to specific parameters to satisfy Uber's needs and in which your moral quality and good repute are not questioned. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact UBER directly at: o

Última actualización: 17/05/2021